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Near surface geophysics and specialist surveying

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Our work is not the most exciting activity to photograph but here are a few somewhat random images that will give an idea of the range of experience we can call upon.

Fencing around a hidden former mineshaft that Neill “found”.

Surveying for hydrogeology issues and potential mine workings on the site of a proposed majopr housing development.

Checking for potential mine workings beneath a rugby pitch before the proposed installation of an artificial surface

A drilling team confirm the presence of shallow mine workings at the precise location identified and marked out by GeoDefinition.

Identifying the source of water feeding a nearby spring prior to a road construction project

Searching for a suspected mine adit (drainage tunnel) that could pose a potential flood risk as the level of a nearby body of water rises.

Surveying a grid for an electro-magnetic survey on an important archaeological site (iron age)

A tricky one.  After a large hole opened up beside this residential road a survey was needed to discover whether the road itself was on solid ground.

A surveying challenge.  These piles were drilled into the sea from the side of a barge but needed to be positioned to a 75 mm tolerance.

Geophysical surveys at a National Trust property.  Yes, that really is Neill watering his electrodes from a  can and yes, a German tourist mistook him  for a gardener.

Checking for a possible disused sewer on a housing development site.

Checking geological structures about 1,200 metres below ground.  Apologies for the hi-viz shorts, it was around 40 degrees C down there.