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GeoDefinition was created to provide the best of near-surface geophysics using the best of modern technology and methods.

We are based in Cornwall, a great place to hone our skills around ancient mine workings and complex geology but surveys have been undertaken across the country (well, as far afield as Wales and Cleveland so far).

Main areas of activity include:

- void detection

- contamination surveys

- specialist archaeological applications

- geo-technical investigations

…and all sorts of other interesting stuff!

Who are we?

Neill studied at the Royal School of Mines many years ago and after around 20 years in industry, much of which was overseas, he joined the staff at Camborne School of Mines in 2004.  He went on to become the Programme Director for the Masters’ Programme (MSc.) in Surveying, Land & Environmental Management.

Roz studied surveying at Camborne School of Mines, building on a first degree in Renewable Energy and developing a passion for geophysical site investigation.

Michelle is not afraid of hard work and contributes effectively to fieldwork when the going gets tough.

GeoDefinition was created in 2017 in response to demand as Neill was increasingly recognised beyond academia for his abilities to determine what lies beneath the ground.  The combination of surveying skills, geophysical capabilities, familiarity with mining and experience of the construction industry has equipped Neill well for near-surface site investigations.  He has provided CPD training on this to both the Chartered Institute of Civil Engineering Surveyors and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and has written on the subject in Materials World, the magazine of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (November 2018 issue).

GeoDefinition is based in Cornwall but we can undertake surveys across the country.  Check out our gallery to see some of the sites we have worked on.

It costs nothing to get in touch so feel free to ask about anything you want to know about surveying.

The team members doing what we do best:

Geophysical Site Investigations